Building a Stronger Faith in Troubled Times

How many of you have ever worried about something? Worry is, in fact, a universal problem.

Jesus was adamant about His followers not being anxious and worried. Why? Because faith and worry cannot dwell together. The word "worry" comes from an Anglo-Saxon word that means "to choke or strangle." Worry, in fact, damages our health, consumes our thoughts, destroys our productivity, and can negatively affect the way we treat people. Most importantly, it hinders our walk with Christ.

If you are to build a stronger faith in troubled times, you must overcome worry. But how do you do it? The Bible makes it very clear and easy to understand. As a Christian you must learn to cast your cares upon God. When you begin to obey God and do this, you will know that your faith is growing and becoming stronger, and your worries will become distant memories. In this series, we will examine this timely topic in light of God's Word.

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Date Bible Passage Sermon Title (Click to View) Speaker
11/8/2009 Luke 12 How To Overcome The Stranglehold Of Worry Dan Proctor
11/15/2009 Matthew 8 How To Develop A Great Faith Dan Proctor
11/22/2009 1 Peter 5:5-14 Becoming A Casting Christian Dan Proctor