Family: Marriage and Child Rearing


I've heard it said, “Christianity is but one generation from extinction.” If parents and grandparents do not take seriously God's command to “train up our children in the way they should go,” then how can we expect the next generation to hold to and perpetuate biblical truth? But how can we, as believers, properly prepare the generation to come?

The home is God’s first ordained institution, and it is the foundation of everything else in society. The next generation of Christianity will come forth from godly, Christ-centered homes. Because of this, Satan’s plan has always been to attack the home and attempt to fracture and disintegrate it. In this series, you will learn from God's Word how to strengthen your marriage and family in Christ, and protect them from the allure of Satan’s world system.

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* The message added on 5/13/12 includes video.

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•             Bible study handouts with the blanks filled in



Date Bible Passage Sermon Title (Click to View) Speaker
5/14/2006 What Children Need Dan Proctor
6/4/2006 How To Build A Strong Marriage - Part 1 Dan Proctor
6/11/2006 How To Build A Strong Marriage - Part 2 Dan Proctor
6/25/2006 How To Build A Strong Marriage - Part 3 Dan Proctor
7/2/2006 The Normal Christian Home Dan Proctor
7/9/2006 Four Enemies Of The Home Dan Proctor
7/30/2006 A Home Full Of Forgiveness - Part 1 Dan Proctor
8/6/2006 A Home Full Of Forgiveness - Part 2 Dan Proctor
8/13/2006 A Home Full Of Forgiveness - Part 3 Dan Proctor
11/12/2006 Angry And Rebellious Children - How Does it Happen? Dan Proctor
10/5/2008 Preparing The Generation To Come Dan Proctor
5/13/2012 Deuteronomy 6:6-7; Proverbs 22:6;  Ephesians  5:25 -29, 6:4 Three Lies That Satan Tells Parents Dan Proctor
6/2/2013 Genesis 13 Keeping Our Children From A Worldly Mindset Dan Proctor
5/11/2014 Colossians A Bible Plan For Parents (Part 1) Dan Proctor
6/15/2014 Hebrews 12 A Bible Plan For Parents (Part 2) Dan Proctor
10/6/2014 Proverbs Children: Bringing Joy To Parents Dan Proctor
3/22/2015 Deuteronomy 6:1-13 Building A House Of Wisdom Dan Proctor