This is a 15 week series that Pastor Dan taught at CrossRoads on Sunday mornings.

Nehemiah is one of the greatest leaders in God's Word.  There are so many practical lessons from Nehemiah's life that we can apply to our lives today.  Nehemiah was a prayer warrior, and he was a leader that others wanted to follow.

Each message includes:

  • Free audio of each message
  • A handout
  • Pastor Dan's notes


Date Bible Passage Sermon Title (Click to View) Speaker
10/28/2007 Nehemiah 1-2 Getting The Job Done Dan Proctor
11/18/2007 Nehemiah 1 Everything Starts With Prayer Dan Proctor
11/25/2007 Nehemiah 1:5-11 How To Have An Effective Prayer Life Dan Proctor
12/2/2007 Nehemiah 2 Overcoming The Enemy Dan Proctor
1/6/2008 Nehemiah 2 Becoming A Leader For God Dan Proctor
1/20/2008 Nehemiah 3 Becoming A Team Player In God's Work Dan Proctor
1/27/2008 Nehemiah 4 Standing Firm When You Feel Like Quitting Dan Proctor
2/10/2008 Nehemiah 5 What About The Golden Rule? Dan Proctor
3/2/2008 Nehemiah 6 Mission Accomplished Dan Proctor
4/6/2008 Nehemiah 7 Becoming One Of The Faithful Few Dan Proctor
4/13/2008 Nehemiah 8 The One And Only Key To Revival Dan Proctor
4/20/2008 Nehemiah 9 Food & Air To The Christian Life Dan Proctor
4/27/2008 Nehemiah 10 Wise Stewards Of God's Blessings Dan Proctor
6/8/2008 Nehemiah 12 The Local Church: A Place Of Joy Dan Proctor
6/15/2008 Nehemiah 13 A Man's Man Or God's Man? Dan Proctor