The little book of Philemon is by far the most personal letter that the apostle Paul wrote. He wrote it to his dear friend Philemon, concerning a very delicate issue.

There are some incredible spiritual truths that are put on display here, in this little book. We see these deep truths illustrated in this situation between Paul, Philemon, and Onesimus. 

It is as if the wonderful doctrines that God gave to Paul in Romans through Titus are set to real-life drama, right here in this final little book that Paul wrote. It is the perfect book to end Paul's epistles.

Each of these lessons includes:

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Pastor Dan’s notes



Date Bible Passage Sermon Title (Click to View) Speaker
6/6/2010 Philemon 1-7 The Need For "Philemons" In The Local Church Dan Proctor
6/13/2010 Philemon 8-14 How To Treat Our Fellow Laborers Dan Proctor
6/20/2010 Philemon 10-19 Philemon: Teaching Us Deep Truth Through Real-life Drama Dan Proctor
6/27/2010 Philemon 19-25 The Sweetness Of Forgiveness (Part 1) Dan Proctor
7/4/2010 Philemon 19-25 The Sweetness Of Forgiveness (Part 2) Dan Proctor
7/25/2010 Philemon What Does The Bible Teach About Slavery? Dan Proctor