The Doctrine of Jesus Christ

Who was Jesus Christ? If you asked this question to 100 people on the street, you would probably be shocked at the answers. Satan does not want people to know and understand who Jesus Christ was when He walked this earth, nor does He want people to know who Christ is today, or what He is doing today. He wants to blind people from the truth of Jesus Christ.

The entire Bible revolves around the person of Jesus Christ. You must know what you believe about Jesus Christ and where to go in the Bible to prove what you believe. Why is this? Because when you stand before God, the key questions that will determine your eternal destiny are, “What did you believe about my Son?” and “What did you do with my Son?” 

What does the Bible teach about Jesus Christ? Find out in this series.

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Date Bible Passage Sermon Title (Click to View) Speaker
12/22/2010 Who Was Jesus Christ? - Introduction Dan Proctor
12/29/2010 Who Was Jesus Christ? - God In The Flesh Dan Proctor
1/12/2011 Who Was Jesus Christ? – The Virgin-Born And Sinless One Dan Proctor
2/13/2011 Who Was Jesus Christ? - The Ultimate Sin Bearer Dan Proctor
2/27/2011 Who Was Jesus Christ? - The Resurrected Savior Dan Proctor
4/10/2011 Jesus: The Ascended And Exalted One - Part 1 Dan Proctor
4/17/2011 Jesus: The Ascended And Exalted One - Part 2 Dan Proctor