Understanding the Body of Christ

In time past, God worked on the earth through the agency of the nation of Israel. This is not the case today. Today God is working through a living organism, a new creation called the church, the body of Christ.

All those who believe on Jesus Christ are placed into a spiritual union with Christ at the very moment of salvation.  We become members of the church, which is His body. In this series of lessons, we will examine several important biblical truths regarding the body of Christ.

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* There was no handout for the lesson taught on 5/21/08.


Date Bible Passage Sermon Title (Click to View) Speaker
4/23/2008 Ephesians 4:4 Are You A Member Of The One Body? Dan Proctor
4/30/2008 When Did The Body Of Christ Begin? Dan Proctor
5/7/2008 Rightly Dividing The Body Of Christ Dan Proctor
5/14/2008 Philippians 2:9-11; Ephesians 1:20-23 The Importance Of Christ's Exaltation Dan Proctor
5/21/2008 1 Corinthians 12:12-31 How The Body Of Christ Can Function Effectively Dan Proctor